Open personal YouTube playlists

Presents a menu of YouTube playlists sorted into your “Personal” group, letting you choose one and open it in the app.



Use this shortcut with YouTube Playlist Dictionary to pull from the list of your Personal playlists in YouTube, letting you easily access just the non-work related playlists you’ve saved.

I find this useful for quickly digging into various personal interests I have that I otherwise forget to look into or get to in my queues.

Similar Shortcuts

Complete dictionary of YouTube playlists in your collection, grouped by Personal or Work, then subgroups by category.
Pulls from a dictionary of YouTube playlists and lets you pick from subgroups to open in the app.
Presents a menu of playlists from YouTube creators and lets you open directly to their queue in the app.
If you don’t want the Grab YouTube playlist ID shortcut installed, delete the Run Shortcut action above and the URL action below.

However, the shortcut won’t work with links from videos inside playlists anymore.

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