Play podcast by time of day

Takes the current time, converts it to 24-hour time, then grabs just the Number value and uses it in an "If" conditional – if before 8pm (or 20), play podcast "A", otherwise if after 8pm play podcast "B", for example.

I built this shortcut as a novel example of how one shortcut could be used to behave differently depending on the time of day – plus, I like to listen to certain podcasts at certain times of day (and avoid shows that are too interesting during the workday so I don’t get distracted).

To accomplish something similar, try using the “If” action to create conditionals in your shortcuts, letting something different happen each time you run the shortcut depending on how the condition is met.

This uses the current Time values inside “If” conditionals so that something different happens depending whether the shortcut is run before or after a certain time of day.

To be more specific, formatting the Time into a single 24-hour value lets the “If” action’s conditions utilize “less than” or “equal to”-type math to check against the current hour – in iOS 13, the “If” action’s conditions change depending on the type of content used.

Feel free to give your own a more creative name – I was trying to be descriptive :)

Built for @kcjokes on Twitter:

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