Set background sound volume

Presents a menu from 10%-50% in 5% increments and sets background sounds to that percentage out of the total volume.



Use this shortcut to set how loud your background sounds come through compared to the true volume on your device.

Add your own percentages to the menu if you want to go above 50% and use Background Sounds like a proper sound machine, but I left it under half the total volume so they’re actually in the background.

Make sure to change the last action to “Volume When Media Is Playing” if you only use that portion of the feature.

Similar Shortcuts

Toggles background sounds and sets it to Balanced Noise.
Toggls background sounds and sets it to Bright Noise.
Deactivates Background Sounds and the same “When Media Is Playing,” plus resets the volume to 10% and sound to Balanced Noise.
Toggles background sounds and changes it to Dark Noise.
Toggles background sounds and sets the noise to Rain.
Toggles “Background Sounds When Media is Playing” and sets “Volume When Media Is Playing” to 10%.

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