View Content Graph

Takes any data coming from the share sheet or clipboard and opens into the Shortcuts app to the Content Graph viewer, a mode that exposes the underlying components of content that's being passed through each step of your shortcuts.

The Content Graph is how Shortcuts knows which actions connect to each other, how to intelligently convert data from one type to another, and exposes magic variables/extra details to the user that lets them extract individual bits of data from the resulting content coming from actions.

This shortcut will let you literally see how Shortcuts works – and might be helpful for debugging weird behavior or understanding how a specific type of data you have can be coerced into other content types.

Run this from the share sheet or copy something to your clipboard, then tap through the subsequent steps in the Content Graph menu – you’ll reach a web-like node-based view that shows the atomic elements of the content, right down to the API names used by iOS itself.

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