Time often seems to move both very slow and extremely fast, all at once. Especially if you’re hyper-connected, each moment can feel important and yet the first two months of the year can fly by and it seems like it’s just getting started.

For those who’ve been too connected, a tiny Twitter account has been there to remind you of the @Year_Progress by tweeting out small graphics showing the current percentage of time past this year.

As of writing, February 19 is 14% of the way through 2019. But I didn’t use that Twitter account – I built myself a shortcut.

Fittingly called Year Progress, this shortcut calculates the total seconds that’ve passed since the start of the year, compares that against total seconds per year, and displays it as a percentage.

I went two steps further—inspired by this Mac app that was also inspired by @Year_Progres—and added in the current Day and Month’s progress as well.

Now, I can run this shortcut with Siri or from Spotlight whenever I want to know how time is progressing.

Right now it’s 8 AM – the day is already 33% over!

Get the shortcut.

P.S. This is particularly nice in February too because of its stupid number of days – it’s only 65% over on Feb 19.