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Welcome to my public Shortcuts Library!

Check out the collection below to get started with Shortcuts – then check out my membership to get access to the full library.

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Folder groups

View the Shortcuts Library in groups according to how I organize them in the Shortcuts app’s folders.

These are split across “Productivity” and “Lifestyle” – my “Custom” group is coming soon…

Free Shortcuts

Browse through my free collection of Shortcuts – there are over 500 examples to check out and add to your collection.

Once you want to move to a higher level, check out the membership to access every shortcut in the library.

Save a short note to yourself by dictating or typing in the body, then automatically sending the email to your own email address with a canned title.
Presents a list of Jazz radio stations on Apple Music, then opens the link to immediately start playing the station.

Member Shortcuts

Check out the list of exclusive shortcuts available as part of the membership program.

These shortcuts take advantage of more features, utilize custom methods I’ve developed, and are generally more advanced than those in the free collection.

Custom Views

The following sections are custom views that filter the Shortcuts Library by difficulty and device.

Note: These views show both free and members-only shortcuts together in the same list. Sign up for a membership to access every shortcut in the collection.

Shortcuts by Difficulty Level

Some actions are more straightforward, while some take a bit to learn about and implement in your shortcuts.

Browse them depending your current comfort level, then move up a level to see what else is possible next:


Simpler shortcuts that solve a problem with just a few steps – these are easier to learn from.


Average shortcuts that include a bit of scripting or use of variables.


More complex workflows that solve a particular problem well.

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