Shortcuts Catalog


Hello and welcome to the Shortcuts Catalog!

This is a public resource to help people get started with Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app.

It’s made up of three main sections below:

  • the Shortcuts Library, a collection of starter shortcuts full of menus with hundreds of different ways to use them
  • my Member Shortcuts, my advanced collection of shortcuts for folks subscribed to my membership (more below)
  • the Action Directory, a documentation of the 300 built-in actions in Shortcuts available to browse outside the app

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The following are the latest additions to my Shortcuts Library.

Check out the variety of shortcuts to get ideas of how you can utilize them in different areas of daily life, then add any you might use:

Plays the weird Kendrik Lamar verse where he repeats this phrase over and over.

Member shortcuts 🔐

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Pauses any current media, lowers the volume and brightness to a reasonable amount, turns off any extra network activity, turns on DnD, then presents a menu of actions to take in the YouTube app, including a custom Queue playlist, Watch Later, the Subscriptions tab, your History, and more. Also includes option to Shazam a song into YouTube or AirPlay from the current device to a TV set.
Activates the YouTube action for “Search YouTube with Voice” which opens the app and triggers Google’s dictation feature for immediately speaking your query and getting video results.

The following is a documentation of the 300+ actions available in the Shortcuts app.

Browse by the main categories, or dive into a subcategory to see only those actions.

Make sure to check out Related Shortcuts for each action too.


Actions for Apple's default apps that anyone can utilize.


Build intermediate to advanced workflows that get more done.


Do more with photos/video, music/podcasts, and playback.


Work with words in your files, notes, and text.


Get data from the world around you.


Take your content & send it somewhere.


Interact with the whole internet.