Shortcuts Catalog

Shortcuts Catalog


Hello and welcome to the Shortcuts Catalog!

This is a public resource to help people get started with Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app.

It’s made up of two main sections below:

  • the Action Directory, a documentation of the 300 built-in actions in Shortcuts available to browse outside the app
  • the Shortcuts Library, a collection of 25 starter shortcuts full of menus with hundreds of different ways to use them

Plus, you can become a member to get:

  • 25 members-only shortcuts plus more on an ongoing basis
  • Extra ways to browse the catalog when you’re signed in
  • Prerelease notes & workflows I’m putting together
  • Exclusive livestreams teaching you more about Shortcuts

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Shortcuts Catalog

Shortcuts Library

Presents a menu of places to change playback, using Hand Off to HomePod where possible or accounting for Bluetooth/AirPlay devices. Includes the current device model for switching back as well, which includes a prompt if using Hand Off.

Presents a menu of different types of workouts, then runs corresponding shortcuts for each that perform multiple sets like setting a HomeKit scene before starting the workout.

Presents a menu for the following operations:
• Removing duplicates or empty lines
• Changing case, wrapping text, or Pretty Printing JSON
• Removing or adding list elements
• Cleaning up quotes from the Books app
• Viewing custom date formats

Looks for text formatted as Markdown coming from the clipboard or share sheet and converts it into Rich Text, then copies it to the clipboard.

Presents a menu built to my custom usage of online communities:
• Opening Clubhouse for chatrooms with people I know from online
• Opening into the Shortcuts User Group slack I’ve put together
• Joining/sharing the link to join the Shortcuts User Group
• Opening into various Discord channels in the Relay FM community

Presents a menu of various time periods for setting Do Not Disturb, then adjusts your device according to the choice – includes a few colloquial phrases like “a bit” and “a while” that can be customized to your preferences, plus options for turning it on until lunch or after work.

Presents a series of menus for contacting various friends & family, each using their own preferred mode of communication. Includes a special menu for a significant other for quick daily messages.

Presents a menu for Gmail and Mail actions:
• Checking Gmail or the VIP folder in Mail
• Sending email in Gmail
• Emailing yourself
• Saving a draft in Mail
• Copying a rich text email signature from a Markdown template

Presents a menu of the various categories that are usually shown to me in the News app along with the custom shortcuts I’ve built, then opens into Apple News based on the choice.

Presents a menu of options for opening into specific pages of the App Store: Search, Today, Apps, Games, Apple Arcade, the Developer Tools & Productivity categories, the Updates page, and also TestFlight for beta apps. Plus, includes tools for grabbing app links, details from the App Store, and icons.

Pulls a scan from the New York Time's website of today's Front Page by automatically formatting the date in the URL they use every time, then adds it to Books.

Presents a series of options for interacting with your calendar and/or Fantastical:
• Creating events using prompts or natural language
• Displaying birthdays, overdue reminders, or today’s schedule
• Moving events to a different calendar
• Copying your free availability between events
• Planning for tomorrow or searching for upcoming events
• Creating repeating daily events (i.e. 30-day challenge)

Presents a menu of daily weather activities, including:
• my main Weather Report shortcut
• my Get UV index shortcut
• checking the wind speed
• setting alarms for putting on sunscreen when outside
• checking the weather for tomorrow
• checking the temperature of indoor sensors
• checking how much light’s left in the day
• checking the Air Quality Index
• adding the weather to calendar

Starts off by waking up the TV, setting it to my account and my preferences, and then presents a menu for taking advantage of all the Apple TV remote actions available in Shortcuts, including:
• activating the Screensaver
• the Up Next queue in the TV app
• turning subtitles on/off
• recreating the “What did they just say?” feature and other Skip controls
• opening a specific app
• showing the Remote on the current device
• sleeping the TV

Presents options to open into the Twitch app or Shortcuts.Live, which redirects to my latest public Shortcuts livestream.

Multitool for GIFs, including ways to use GIPHY, share from any animated GIFs saved in Photos, and convert images, bursts, video, or Live Photos into new GIFs.

Presents a menu of bookmarks and options for learning more about Shortcuts, including returning to the Shortcuts Catalog, browsing the User Guide, or accessing various resources like MacStories’ coverage or David Sparks’ training course.

Provides easy controls for various Accessibility features, including text sizing/weights, Voice Control / VoiceOver, AssistiveTouch, Speak Screen, Audio Descriptions, & more.

Includes a menu for two other menus: checking your accounts and exchanging money – the first lets me check various banking apps, with logic to open the website when run from iPad; the latter lets me use the built-in Wallet actions to send money or request money using Apple Pay. Also includes an option for splitting regular bills in half with the same person over time.

Presents a menu for:
• Dictating text to the clipboard or notes
• Translating your spoken text to another language
• Having Siri speak something you type (or make fun of you)
• Recording or listening to Voice Memos
• Opening Settings pages for Siri and Accessibility Voices

Presents a large list of actions for the Notes app:

• Adding to existing notes
• Capturing new notes
• Adding to weekly notes or wishlists
• Opening Notes folders
• Counting words in a note

Takes the current time, converts it to 24-hour time, then grabs just the Number value and uses it in an "If" conditional – if before 8pm (or 20), play podcast "A", otherwise if after 8pm play podcast "B."

Includes Import Questions for pre-selecting the podcasts.

Uses the Open App action to open into Igloo, an IRC chat app, that's set up with the TWiT Live chat feed.