Regular actions


Overlay Text

Overlays text onto the image passed as input.


Get Text from PDF

Gets text from the provided PDF file. Input Rich text, File, Image, URL, Evernote note, PDF, Text Result Text, Rich text


Get File from Folder

Gets a file or folder by a relative path, starting at a folder you choose. Path The relative path to retrieve, such as β€œfolder/file.txt”


Create Photo Album

Creates a new album in the Photos app, including the specified photos and videos. Input Result


Share With Apps

Prompts to share the input using action extensions and sharing extensions provided by other apps.


Make Image from PDF Page

Creates images from the pages in the PDF passed into the action.


Get Current Song

Returns the song that is currently playing in the Music app, if any.


Append to Note

Appends the text passed as input to the specified note. Note The note to append to


Random Number

Passes a random number between the given minimum and maximum to the next action. The minimum and maximum numbers are included as possible results.


Request Ride

Requests a ride from the specified pickup location to a specified drop off location.


Get Items from RSS Feed

Downloads the latest items from an RSS feed.


Get RSS Feeds from Page

Extracts any RSS feed URLs from the given web URLs or web page.


Get Details of Music

Extracts information from the music item, including title, album, artist, album artist, genre, composer, date added, media kind, duration, play count, album track number, disc number, album artwork (as a photo), whether it's explicit, the lyrics, release date, comments, whether it's a cloud item, the skip count, last played date, the rating, and the name.


Send Message

Sends an iMessage or SMS. Pass images, videos, or other files as input to include attachments.

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