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Announcing the Shortcuts Catalog for iOS 14, feat. 300 shortcuts & 300 actions

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It’s finally here!

Apple has released iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 to users around the world – and that means everyone who updates will have the newest version of Siri Shortcuts installed.

Announcing the Shortcuts Catalog for iOS 14, feat. 300 shortcuts & 300 actions

Alongside today’s updates, I’m releasing the following:

  • the official iOS 14 version of my Shortcuts Catalog,
  • a new “What’s New in Shortcuts” newsletter, and
  • my membership program

Let me explain it a bit before you dive in.

Why learn about Siri Shortcuts now?

Thanks to everything that’s new in version 4 of the Shortcuts app, everyone can expect another leap in the automation potential of their Apple products:

  • the Siri capabilities let the power of Shortcuts extend across devices,
  • new features like folders and widgets let you hone in on specific use cases and surface them when needed,
  • advances in Personal Automations let you turn your device into a true computing platform, and
  • the Apple Watch app extends the entire experience right into your wrist.

My goal as an independent creator has always been to share all the knowledge I’ve learned about Shortcuts and make it as publicly available to the world as possible. Shortcuts is free on Apple’s devices – I’ve always wanted to make sure anyone who doesn’t yet understand it could go online, find a helpful resource, and start to learn more.

That desire is what got me to start my own YouTube channel, plus eventually release my own Shortcuts Library and Automation Directory on my website last fall.

But, as I got deeper into iOS 13, I realized I was sharing tons of ideas, but wasn’t grounding them in a way that was could easily be referenced and searchable on the web – my information was trapped inside an embedded Airtable that wasn’t too easy to browse.

To help people to truly integrate Siri Shortcuts into their lives, I needed something more…

What’s in the Shortcuts Catalog?

Since then, I’ve been working on formalizing that knowledge into a more permanent form on my website.

Enter my new Shortcuts Catalog, a one-stop shop for all my shortcuts, all the actions in the Shortcuts app, and, in the future, additional modules like apps and automations related to Siri Shortcuts.

This combines the Shortcuts Library and Action Directory under one name, marks the release of my membership program, and can be followed for future updates using my new newsletter – here’s all the details:

Links Siri Shortcuts

Playing a podcast by time of day using “If” conditionals

This afternoon, @kcjokes asked for a shortcut that can play a podcast based on the time of day: