What is Spatial Audio, Why Does it Matter, and What’s Apple’s Plan? ๐Ÿ”—

Em Lazer-Walker, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, on what sheโ€™s calling the โ€œaudio version of ARKitโ€ in iOS 14:

They talked about this largely in context of playing movies with multi-channel surround sound, but that’s probably the least interesting application of spatial audio.

As someone who’s been working in the field for a long time โ€” my research at the MIT Media Lab in 2015 and 2016 focused on location-based storytelling in public spaces using spatial audio โ€” I wanted to try to give some context around why this is interesting and what it might enable.

Fascinating summary of Appleโ€™s new Spatial Audio feature and its potential โ€“ this covers what it is, how it differs from surround sound, and goes into detailed applications for this like wayfinding, vocal content, and real-world play/gaming experiences.

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