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“What’s New in Shortcuts” #29

New issue of my Shortcuts newsletter is out – come for the generative soundscapes, stay for the mind-mapping enthusiasm:

Welcome to Issue 29 of “What’s New in Shortcuts” – this week is the last iteration of the current iOS and Mac beta cycles, meaning soon we’ll have new versions of Shortcuts with bug fixes out.

As I mentioned last week, Shortcuts seems to be mostly stable now and I’ve been able to rely on more shortcuts that were previously broken – things like Copy to Clipboard and Convert Time Zone are fixed.

I am unfortunately still having sync issues (my folders lost their sort order twice this week) intermittently, so I hope you all don’t run into that after the update.

Otherwise, this week we’ve got a lot of goodness to cover – I shared some soundscape and mind mapping shortcuts, we saw some new apps adding actions, Six Colors put out more podcast notes follow-up, and there a very, very cool spotlight from the App Store:

Read the full newsletter on Revue (~2100 words).


What’s New in Shortcuts? Issue 3

Originally posted as ”What’s New in Shortcuts? Issue 3”sign up for the newsletter here.

Welcome to Issue 3 of “What’s New in Shortcuts?”

Home Screen customization is the biggest trend now that iOS 14 has been out – it started with widgets but, funnily enough, went full-steam ahead thanks to Shortcuts’ Add to Home Screen feature.

From my Twitter – What a shame I never made a video out of this…

Let’s look at some ways you can approach your new Home Screen setup with Shortcuts in mind today:


Sick of that joke yet? After this TikTok went viral and pushed Widgetsmith to on the App Store, you’ve probably heard me make it a few times – but this trend of super-customized Home Screens trend is undeniably the most popular part of iOS 14: