Smart Tech Today 11: Samuel L. Jackson on Your Amazon Echo 🎙

On episode 11 of Smart Tech Today, Mikah and I cover these stories: K-pop rapper Namjoon reveals that he has lost 33 pairs of AirPods ADT planning HomeKit-enabled smart doorbell, regulatory filing suggests How to get Samuel L. Jackson on your Amazon Echo for free Sling TV will give you a free Google Nest Hub […]

Smart Tech Today 10: We Want Smart Blinds 🎙

On our tenth episode of Smart Tech Today, Mikah and I talk about these stories: Sony brings AirPlay 2 and HomeKit to select 2018 and 2019 TVs Ikea’s smart blinds won’t work with Apple’s HomeKit until ‘early’ in 2020 Studio Neat Apple TV Remote Stand Amazon launches new battery-powered Echo exclusively for India Amazon’s Ring […]

Automating how loud Siri replies on the HomePod

I’m a huge fan of the HomePod – after bearing the investment cost, it’s improved my daily interactions with music and opened access to controlling my smart home gear, plus provides a new medium for everything I’ve built in the Shortcuts app.

But one of the nagging problems with HomePod is the way Siri, regardless of the current time of day, will respond loudly at whatever volume you’ve previously set.

Thankfully, iOS 13.2 for HomePod provides a solution.