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“What’s New in Shortcuts?” Issue 25

Originally posted in What’s New in Shortcuts: Issue 25.

After last week‘s preview, I’ve officially launched my updated Shortcuts Library – check out the blog post to read my thoughts about the changes.

I’m also excited to start sharing the next batch of shortcuts with members—l’ll be putting out my Daily Health shortcut next issue—plus I’m starting in on new sections for the Catalog!

Until then, here’s some fun stuff to check out this week:


What’s New in Shortcuts? Issue 5

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Welcome to Issue 5 of “What’s New in Shortcuts?”

It’s time for another Apple event… did you see the collection of Apple Event shortcuts from Issue 1? Check it out in the online archive of past issues for this newsletter.

Otherwise, here’s what’s new this week and what’s coming ahead:


Tuesday is Apple’s iPhone event and the rumor mill is in full cycle – here’s a handful of shortcuts to get you in the spirit: