You don’t have to build workflows to use Workflow


In my most recent piece for iMore, I wrote about the ways you can get new workflows for your collection without having to build them for yourself.

In it, I cover getting workflows:
from the Gallery
from shared links
with import questions
as a .wflow file
from the community online

But my favorite part was the overall angle – you can just use other people’s workflows and never actually build one yourself. The app is a fantastic visual programming tool, but if you don’t give a shit about that and just want to save time instead of learning how it works, you totally can.

Just find and add workflows, run them from the app, widget, action extension, or Apple Watch, and you’ll almost never have to go into the Workflow Composer to move things around1.

I’m working on a “Workflows” page for my site coming soon where I’ll keep my own curated collection of workflows I use, some I’ve built for other people, and links to my own writing plus writers in the Workflow community.

If you have an idea for a workflow or want me to build you one2, comment below, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.

Read “How to get workflows for your iPhone and iPad” on iMore.

  1. Pro-tip: double-tap a workflow in the app to run it immediately. 
  2. I’m serious here folks. I want to build you workflows. You’re doing me a favor by giving me practical use cases.