YouTube shortcuts

Presents a menu of YouTube playlists and opens the corresponding links into the main app.
Pauses any current media, lowers the volume and brightness to a reasonable amount, turns off any extra network activity, turns on DnD, then presents a menu of actions to take in the YouTube app, including a custom Queue playlist, Watch Later, the Subscriptions tab, your History, and more. Also includes option to Shazam a song into YouTube or AirPlay from the current device to a TV set.
Turns on my living room TV, opens the YouTube app, and shows the remote control on the current device so I can navigate the interface.
Activates the YouTube action for “Search YouTube with Voice” which opens the app and triggers Google’s dictation feature for immediately speaking your query and getting video results.
From a given dictionary of channel titles and their usernames, this lets me pick from a set of creators, grab the RSS feed for their channel, and pick from one of their videos to open immediately.
Gets a video link from the share sheet or clipboard, asks you to enter in a titled, then creates a reminder for the video.