YouTube shortcuts

Opens the YouTube app and starts a voice search immediately.

Opens the deep link into the Watch Later page of the YouTube website, where I can then watch videos in picture-in-picture. Requires opening in Safari after showing page.

Presents a menu of YouTube playlists and opens the corresponding links into the main app.

Takes YouTube links from the Share sheet or clipboard and formats them to open in CornerTube via a deep link, for watching in picture-in-picture.

Opens the link to Shortcuts.Live which resolves to the current address for my Shortcuts streams, usually Twitch.

Pauses any current media, lowers the volume and brightness to a reasonable amount, turns off any extra network activity, turns on DnD, then opens the YouTube Subscriptions page.

Pulls from the RSS feed of a YouTube channel and lets you pick from the videos, then choose how to share it.

Opens the deep link into the History section of the YouTube library page in the app.

Prompts me to enter text to captured, then saves it to my Video folder in Notes.

Gets a video link from the share sheet or clipboard, asks you to enter in a titled, then creates a reminder for the video.